Why has the autumn clean become the new spring clean? It’s simple: We’re back from our summer holidays, back to work and to school. We tend to be more rested and raring to go in preparation for the winter months, which we will spend indoors being warm and cosy. The next major festivity in the calendar is Christmas and therefore we all like to get on top of household tasks before that. In terms of practicalities, autumn is a great time for a deep clean for a number of reasons:


It’s spider season and the inside of your house might start to look like you’re decorating for Halloween early! Getting rid of spider’s webs isn’t too tricky. Ensure you remove them with one of our Cobweb Dusters, and be careful when attacking corners of ceilings where you’ll often find them!


Although the roads and fields look pretty with autumn leaves, the leaves themselves can prove challenging in the home, garden and drive way. It is quite blustery at this time of year, so leaves can regularly blow in when you open the doors and they will find their way around your home in no time! Sweep them up today with one of our Yard Brooms to avoid your garden and drive looking messy.


Autumn can be a wet season, therefore start imposing a ‘shoes off’ and a ‘wipe your paws’ rule for the family to limit mud and debris being passed through the house. Where mud is trampled into carpets, it is best to blot up any excess staining, and then take advantage of our carpet cleaning service that will give life back to your carpets and leave a fresh aroma throughout the house.


This can be a big problem, especially on window frames. Interior window condensation is caused by excessive moisture in the house, and it often occurs in the winter when the warm air inside the house condenses on the cold windows. Using any of our packages including: one-off cleaning, spring cleaning, start/end of tenancy and post build cleaning, we clean your windows, wipe frames and sills inside. However, one of the biggest problems with windows is the condensation that forms, which often leads to mould growth. There is a variety of things you can do to remedy the problem.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

Use your bathroom and kitchen fans every time you cook or shower. Showering and cooking releases a lot of moisture into the air, and sometimes this moisture cannot escape from your house easily. The exhaust fans in your kitchen and your bathroom help remove this moisture from the air. You want to run the fans for about 15 to 20 minutes after you shower or cook.

  • Circulate the Air

Circulating the air can also help reduce the condensation on your windows. So, use your ceiling fans even in the winter. You want the fans to rotate in a clockwise direction to push warm air off of the ceiling back down to the floor.

  • Open Your Windows

If it isn’t too cold, you can open your windows. This will release some of the warm, moist air that is trapped in the house.  Regular use of professional cleaning will help prevent return.


After much traffic of family coming in and out from the outdoors, vacuum your upholstery, removing all cushions and covers if necessary for cleaning to ensure that you have fresh clean furniture free from food and rubbish in time for the winter holiday season. If any stains occur wipe down leather with a damp cloth.


It’s important to air your mattress regularly and to turn your mattress (check the instructions on your mattress) particularly after the warmer months. We vacuum and even turn over your mattress in our post build package. Schedule some time to launder or wash duvets and pillows to prevent dust mites and change to the appropriate tog duvet.


It doesn’t take much for your home to be overrun with summer sport equipment, games, balls and other summer garden equipment which have kept the family entertained. Take the chance to sort through the various toys, equipment and banish sports shoes to the cupboard for safekeeping and you will be amazed how much more space you feel you have!

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